Capture the emotion behind every interaction.

We can communicate anytime and from anywhere. So why do we feel so disconnected? We don’t see emotional states through a screen. We can’t read nonverbal cues online. With Uniphore, remote conversations are about to feel a lot less distant.

What is EQ?

Emotions drive most interactions and decisions. Emotional intelligence, or EQ, is the ability to recognize emotion, understand, and empathize with each other.

Now that everything is happening remotely, what we’ve gained in convenience, we’ve lost in empathy. But individuals with a high EQ communicate more effectively, better resolve disagreements, and forge deeper relationships.

Emotion AI technology restores our ability to process nonverbal cues like facial expressions, voice tonality, and attentiveness. You can tap back into what people feel and respond to their emotional motivations.

Emotional intelligence is responsible for 58% of professional success.

Source: “ROI from TalentSmartEQ Emotional Intelligence Training” Report.

You'll feel the business impact when
EQ meets AI.

With real-time interpretation of facial expressions, voice tonality, and eye movement,
emotion AI unlocks the full value of EQ so you can apply it to customer interactions.

Uniphore’s measurable emotional data allows any industry to form stronger, more
meaningful connections.

Human Resources

Improve retention and create a more engaged workforce by interpreting employee sentiment. Avoid and resolve problems faster with deeper understanding.


Improve online education by identifying student confusion or frustration. Support emotional development by understanding students’ preferred learning style.

Sales & Marketing

Understand what matters to your market. Uncover where buyers experience hesitancy or heightened interest. Cultivate brand loyalty with empathetic interactions.


Improve patient care outcomes with more effective telehealth appointments. Recognize and better respond to patient pain, fear, and other emotions throughout the healthcare system.

There's another dimension
to conversational data.


of communication is nonverbal


of enterprise engagements are expected to be virtual by 2025


of decisions are unconscious and emotionally driven

Uniphore knows what it means to listen.

We’re masters of conversation. For 13 years, Uniphore has led the way in Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) innovation. We’ve processed and analyzed billions of conversations—each bringing our technology one step closer to the unique ability to detect and respond to human emotion. Our cognitive computing technology is the most powerful on the market.

  • Computer-vision-based facial expression analysis
  • Audio-based speech analysis
  • NLP-based phonetic and text analysis
  • Automated speech recognition (ASR)

With Emotion AI, Uniphore now lets you fully understand what every person means—and what they feel. When you uncover the other 93% of communication, you can bridge the gap between conversation and connection, analyze sentiment and engagement in real-time, and craft experiences that increase ROI.

AI to make us better humans.

People are using technology to simulate human connections without actually making the connection. We’ve been stripped of the behavioral cues that face-to-face interactions provide.

Technology gave us the power to communicate remotely, and now it can also lead us back to empathy and human connection. Emotion AI returns the tools we’ve lost that made us human in the first place.

We can use artificial emotional intelligence to take back our natural ability to truly hear and understand one another. Then we can become fluent in human all over again.

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